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PET Sheet Production Line



PET sheet product introduction:


PET sheet production line is one of the company's current advanced technology, mature technology, stable equipment performance, using three-roll calender technology, mainly composed by extruder, hydraulic screen changer, hanger type die, three sticks Calender, cooling traction bracket, double station winding device, etc. The equipment has compact structure and superior performance. The screw and barrel are optimized. The machine has the advantages of uniform plasticization, stable extrusion, high output and long service life. The precision sizing calender device makes the sheet shape excellent through its good adjustment function. The pet sheet produced by the equipment can be processed into various packaging products by thermoforming, has good gas barrier properties, does not contain other additives, is pure and hygienic, has good toughness and elongation, and has excellent recycling characteristics, can be widely used in electrical appliances, toys, food, medicine and other packaging and the majority of the  printing industry. Compared with domestic similar equipment, the comprehensiveness is more than 30%. This production line can also be used for ps, pp, pe and other sheet products.


Advantages of PET sheet product:


1. PET sheet production line, high transparency, high brightness, no crystal point, good flatness;


2. Add food grade slip agent inside, complete sheet specifications, high productivity, high quality and low price;


3. Environmental protection and non-toxic, through the QS food hygiene permit certification, through the EU SGS environmental certification;


4. Permanent conductive sheet 105, permanent anti-staticsheet 1010, permanent semi- conductive sheet 106-9, uniform conductivity index;


5. Can process PET-G, GAG, can be flat, slit, and film.


PET sheet products usage:


1. Vacuum forming: food packaging, toy boxes, stationery boxes, gift boxes and tools, hardware packaging;


2. Anti-static use: electronic parts packaging, permanent conductive sheet, permanent anti-static sheet, permanent semi-conductive sheet;


3. General purposes: plastic, folding boxes, packaging, printing, card making.


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