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PVC Wall Panel Production Line


Introduction of PVC Wall Panel

 PVC wall panels are very easy to install and look after. Especially in wet rooms, PVC panels are an excellent alternative to decorating your wall making it waterproof. They are ideal for decoration in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and all other indoor rooms.

 The special joining system of PVC wall panel is particularly well suited to clad ceilings simply and quickly. The PVC panels can be installed continuously and can bridge any length.


Advantages of PVC Wall Panels

 1. Varies of colors and patterns. Showing authentic wood structure and artistic sense. Customized designs.

 2. Wide using areas. For indoor wall decoration.

 3. High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging. Fireproof, waterproof, environmental friendly.

 4. Easy installing, cleaning and maintenance.

 5. Long using life.


Performance of PVC Wall Panel Production Line

PVC wall panel productiob line mainly used for the production of PVC hollow panel like ceiling panel, wall panel, furniture panel, etc. The production line consists of conical twin screw extruder, mold, vacuum calibration table, tractor, cutting machine, limanating machine, stampling machine and so on. PVC ceiling/wall panel production line has wide adjustment range, high temperature control precision and convenient and reliable operation.


 Features of PVC Wall Panel Production Line

 1. PVC wall panel production line adopts exclusively designed conical twin screw extruder, with vacuum degassing system, can get rid of the waste gas from the raw material which can ensure good quality of final granules;

 2. Gearbox: from Jiangyin Deling gearbox company, very famous brand in China, with nice outline, stable running, low noise and long service time;

 3. Driving system: adopting Siemens motor, which provide stable torque output and various speed;

 4. ABB frequency converter and Schneider electric control system which have wide adjustment range, high precision temperature control, simple operation and good reliability;

 5. The production line is equipped with large forcing cooling device to ensure good effects of the PVC panels;

 6. Caterpillar-type haul-off unit utilizes branded reducing speed motor and ABB frequency inverter, and is featured in reasonable structure design, large and stable hauling power.

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About us

Jiangsu Kingshine Plastic Machine is located in Wuxi, our company specializes in manufacturing high-end PVC plastic extrusion equipment. Our company specializes in the research and development of SPC/LVT flooring production line, PVC laminate production line, PVC foam board production line, PVC door board / door frame production line, PVC ceiling/wall panel production line.


Kingshine equipment exported to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, enjoying the reputation and praise of customers at home and abroad.



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